The Rucker Ambassadors Basketball IQ Clinic

This model is designed to foster team building and leadership skills to students in a recreational setting.  Students learn to become cognitive thinkers and problem solvers through the use of our simplified methodological instruction. Students internalize the use of these lessons for life on and off the basketball court through beginners, intermediate and advance basketball instruction.   Basketball is our hook and Rucker programs uses the sport of basketball as a way to engage students and relate the fundamentals of basketball to their academic skills and life goals.

Rucker Ambassadors Personal & Interest Development Program


Phase I:

Students explore personal interest incorporating the use of Career Discovery cards.  The discovery cards assist students with identifying personal values, skills and professional interest. Once values and skills are identified the students can begin to create the blue print for an individual interest & career profile.  The student then selects different career cards of choice, identifies places to work, occupations and educational majors to explore for professions that fit their individual skills and abilities. This activity can happen in a group or individual setting.


Phase II:

Students are then given CareerZone (internet access) Occupational Briefs with the NYS Department of Labor based on the occupations they chose.  Participants are encouraged by their OTC to determine career choices based on the individual information they captured on their discovery cards.  The occupational briefs included the following information: job descriptions, interests, task, skills, knowledge, education, school programs, wages, job outlook and similar jobs in the field.  Based on the occupations the participant chooses, OTC and participant begin to work together on an agreement and action plan to pursue career interest.  These plans are then shared with others supporting participant with accomplishing identified career goals.


Rucker Afterschool Support Program

Program provides academic tutoring, homework support, reading groups, game night and movie night incentives for good behavior and academic improvement.




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